Monday, July 12, 2010

Swimming at the Rec Center

I have never taken all three kids swimming since I have been nervous about keeping an eye on each of them while they are in the water. Last week we went to the Brighton Rec Center with the kids along with a couple of families from church. It was nice to have extra hands and eyes helping me keep Audrey, Hannah, and Isaac safe. Isaac was so excited as soon as we were at the pool. He jumped right in and started playing. At first, Hannah and Audrey were nervous around the water, but before long, they were having so much fun playing in the pool that they didn't want to get out.
Here Hannah is at the top of the alligator water slide. She loved to put her hands in the water at the top of the slide.
Audrey loved this little bench that had all kinds of jets. She loved the bubbles. I was so thankful for Janese as she helped me keep an eye on the little ones.
Here Isaac is playing by the pipe fountain. The wheels on this could be turned to change the water flow.
Hannah loves to find things to hang on so she can do "pull ups." She loved hanging on this wheel for a while.
Here Isaac and Hannah are both at the top of the alligator slide.
All three of the kids loved this big water slide. I was glad to have help as they each wanted to slide over and over again.
Here Izzy was taking Audrey down the big slide. The stairs up to the slide were my exercise for the day. I took all three kids down the slide at least 4 time each. Izzy and Deidre also took each of them down quite a few times.
Janese is holding Hannah after we got out of the pool. The girls were so worn out from playing so hard.
Isaac and Max would have kept on swimming all day long if we would have let them.
Audrey wrapped up in her towel.

Here Hannah and Audrey are resting in their towels after the whistles blew for the first break in swimming.

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