Monday, September 29, 2008

A few more party pictures

After eating cupcakes, we played with corn starch goo. Isaac really loved it. By the end of the party the girls were completely worn out.

Isaac says "Happy Birthday, Max!"

Isaac plays with the goo.

Really messy hands.

Audrey and Hannah couldn't stay awake for the whole party. There was just too much excitement.

Birthday Party!

This morning we went to a birthday party for Isaac's friend Max. It was really fun for all of us. Isaac loves playing with other people's toys and the girls love it when other kids pay attention to them. Here are a few pictures of them enjoying the party.

Miss Sydney, Gracie, Miss Morgan, Jackson, Isaac, and Max enjoying some cupcakes.

Miss Diedre and Max

Audrey in her party hat.

Hannah wearing her party hat.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

DNA test

We have finally ordered the DNA test to find out if Audrey and Hannah are identical or fraternal twins. Hopefully, in a month or so we will all have our curiosity satisfied. So, let us know if your guess is that they are identical or fraternal. It will be interesting to find out who guesses correctly. We will keep you posted.

Here is a picture of Hannah and Audrey from when they were 4 months old to help you make your guess.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pictures from playdates

Jackson, Mia, and Isaac

Jackson and Isaac

Hannah and Audrey's first time in the stroller without the buckets.

Isaac, Jackson, and Max

Picture and video of Hannah

Hannah sleeping with Isaac's Elmo

Hannah crawling

Pictures of Audrey

Audrey sucking her toes

Audrey sleeping under Aunt Beccy's chair

Pictures of Isaac

Isaac wearing his cheesehead.

Isaac made this hat at Aunt Beccy's house for the zoo.

New pictures of our kids

Everyone say Apple Pie!

Audrey and Hannah

Hannah is in my lap, Audrey is in Beccy's. The boys' order is Isaac, Seth and Gavin.

Seth and Isaac in the tub.