Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Love, Handsome, and Adorable

Grandma Pookie bought the kids these outfits and Audrey and Hannah are finally old enough to wear them. We think they looked just as cute as could be. Audrey is wearing the purple "love" outfit and Hannah is wearing the pink "adorable" outfit.

Christmas Day 2008

This year we had the kids take their time opening presents, so it lasted all day. Everyone had so much fun. Isaac, Audrey, and Hannah all enjoyed playing with each other's gifts as well as with their own. Greg and I really enjoy Christmas day so much more now that we have kids to share it with.

Audrey is surrounded by her stocking stuffers.

Isaac loves his new cars.

He also loves his new drum set. He especially loves to play it when Mommy and Daddy are on the phone!

Hannah used this box to pull up to standing by herself for the very first time.

The aftermath!

Monday, December 22, 2008

We have to stop watching the news so often

Isaac has a stick that he likes to use as a pretend microphone. Usually, he just uses it to sing songs to us. The other day, he decided that we needed to interview one another. He thought it was so much fun to answer questions into the microphone. What really got us laughing was when out of the blue he grabbed the phone and said "Now, back to you guys!" I think we will have to start limiting ourselves to newscasts after he is in bed.

Audrey is getting so big

Audrey is working on learning to stand up. She tries so hard and it is very cute to watch the process. Both Audrey and Hannah are getting more teeth. Before too long, they won't be babies any more.

Isaac is excited about Audrey trying to stand. He also likes to show off his amazing abdominal strength.

Isaac takes pictures with his toy camera of the momentous occasion.

She's almost there.

She is so proud to have made it to standing.

It looks painful to see how she stands on her feet, but we are sure she will stand on the bottoms of her feet soon!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Bed Time

Our kids have been sick most of the week, so it was no surprise to us that Hannah was ready to go to bed early last night. Greg and I discussed it and we decided that since Audrey still seemed like she was ready to play that we would let her stay up for a little longer than her sister until she was tired. Greg wrapped Hannah up in her blanket and let all of us say goodnight to her. As Greg took Hannah up the stairs to bed, Audrey started screaming. Hannah started screaming once she was put down in her crib which is not her usual reaction. So Greg wrapped up Audrey and took her to bed as well. Audrey stopped screaming as soon as she was wrapped up and Hannah stopped screaming once Audrey was in her bed. We were really shocked, but now we know that Audrey and Hannah cannot be taken to bed at different times. We had no idea that bedtime was such a big thing for them to do together. I guess it is just one more thing Greg and I have had to learn about having twins.

It's about time

I know that it has been too long since I have posted pictures, but I finally found some time to download from our camera. We have had a busy couple of weeks. We had a wonderful time in Omaha visiting Beccy and her family for Thanksgiving, but you have to check out her blog to see pictures. Here are a few random pictures of our kids being cute. I love how much fun Isaac, Audrey and Hannah have together. It is wonderful to see them play with one another.

Isaac really wanted to hold Hannah all by himself. They both really enjoyed it.

Isaac is showing me how gentle he can be with Hannah.

Daddy holds his kids. That makes everyone happy!

Music with Mr. Marty

A few weeks ago a group of moms from our church invited Mr. Marty the music man to come to our ministry center to play music with our kids. We had a really good turnout even though it snowed a lot that morning. All the kids seemed to really enjoy themselves and Isaac still talks about it.

The kids doing the helicopter dance.

Mr. Marty made the kids laugh so much playing with this piece of paper.

Some of the kids...

More kids...

I love this picture of Alana and her girls.

Visit with Uncle Otis

The Sunday before Thanksgiving we went to Uncle Russ and Aunt Debbie's house to visit with family because Great Uncle Otis was in town. It was good to see everyone and enjoy catching up on what has been happening in their lives.

Uncle Otis

Uncle Otis, Aunt Dottie, and Audrey

Ethan and Debra from Isaac's point of view.

Audrey and Hannah wore really cute sweaters that day. I love this picture.

The BIG Game

As always, Greg spent the Saturday before Thanksgiving watching The Game between OSU and Michigan. The kids enjoyed watching the game with Daddy.

Isaac and Daddy watch the game.

Audrey and Hannah eat stars while watching the game. (They also slept through a lot of the game.)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Sitting Up

It is hard for me to believe how much Audrey and Hannah have grown. They definitely aren't infants anymore.

Audrey and Hannah are sitting up.

Doesn't Audrey really look like Isaac in this picture? Spooky!

Planting Playdate

We invited a lot of Isaac's friends over this week to plant Amaryllis bulbs for Christmas. In order to keep the clothes clean, we just decided that we would take them completely off of each of the kids. It was messy, but everyone really loved planting their bulbs and taking their plant home. I am really thankful for playdates and the break they give to our routine.

Everyone planting their bulbs.

This is obviously the before picture!

Jumping in leaves

I had the brilliant idea to have Isaac jump in the fall leaves. He didn't quite know what to do with it so he just kind of sat in the middle. After we had them completely cleaned up, I showed Isaac some pictures of Seth and Gavin playing in their leaves from Beccy's blog. That is when Isaac decided he wanted the leaves back so he could play. Evidently, peer pressure can still work when hundreds of miles apart!

Isaac sits in the leaves.

Audrey and Hannah join Isaac in the leaves for a picture.

Some cute pics of Isaac and Hannah

Here are a couple of cute pictures from the past few weeks.

Hannah is wearing her leopard outfit.

Isaac was hamming for the camera.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween night and other cute pictures of our kids

Trick-or-treat night. Isaac rode in the wagon with the neighbors Chloe and Miles.

Isaac dressed up in the swim trunks all by himself. The perfect fall outfit for a two year old.

Daddy couldn't help himself and had to put the cheese head on Audrey.

All the best salespeople have cute kids!

Greg started a tradition last year of taking our kids to visit his CPA's on Halloween. This year we took all three kids and of course, they were gushed over. Everyone wanted to see the girls in person and they loved Isaac as a giraffe. (We had trouble keeping the hood on Isaac.) Here are pictures of the kids from their two favorite stops. Pete and Jim played with the kids and gave Isaac all of the candy he could want. Karen has a horse farm and we loved seeing her horses and the beautiful carriages. (One carriage was a white one with red velvet seats that they rent out for weddings. It made me contemplate renewing our vows just to be able to ride in it.)

Pete with Audrey, Hannah, and Isaac.

Audrey, Hannah, and Isaac pose with Pete and Jim.

Karen holding Hannah. Daddy is holding Audrey.

Daddy, Isaac, and Audrey are looking at the oldest horses. One of these horses sneezed, so Isaac was keeping an eye on them.

Here Isaac is posing in front of the baby Arabian horses. Even the babies are huge.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just for Great Grandma

Obviously, dinner took a little too long tonight in Hannah's opinion. My kids look wonderfully tragic when they are upset with us. Here is a photo to prove it!

So here is a funny story: I was shopping with Isaac on Saturday to pick out a birthday present for his friend Jackson. Isaac did not like the direction I was driving the cart so he said "Stop it You Stupid Man!" (I'm not sure where he heard that, but I wish I had a son that didn't repeat everything he has ever overheard.) Since a time out was not possible, I decided that Isaac and I needed a conversation about saying nice things to people instead of mean things to people. (I let the man/woman thing drop for the moment.) After our conversation, I told him that he had to say something nice to Mommy. His response? "Go, Packers, Go!" Conversation over.

The Purple Sox





Sunday, October 19, 2008

Team spirit

Our friends Lee and Amy bought the kids these outfits. We just wanted to share.

Audrey, Hannah, and Isaac.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

My new favorite picture of Isaac

I just love this picture of Isaac. He had such a blast yesterday at the museum. I have to thank Sarah for helping me get this picture. My computer couldn't get rid of the red eye. She did it for me. Thanks so much Sarah!

Day at the museum

Yesterday, we took the kids to the museum to play at the Discovery Zone. Isaac had so much fun with his friends. My friend Angie's daughter Tiffany had a day off from school and she was so helpful to entertain the kids and show them parts of the exhibit they had never explored before.

Tiffany shows Isaac how to build animals from the magnetic parts.

Jackson and Isaac show off their tails!

Rare action shot of a two year old. I can't believe I actually caught Rachel in the air in this picture.