Monday, July 12, 2010

Pete and Greg arrive at the condo

Sarah and I went up to the condo three days before Pete and Greg arrived on Friday. After three days alone with six kids Sarah and I were ready to have the daddies with us. The kids were so excited to see Greg and Pete. It was a mini celebration when they first arrived.
All of the kids had fun wrestling with Pete. By this time, Beth and Leah just wanted to snuggle with their Dad, but Audrey wanted to wrestle.
Before long, Audrey wanted to snuggle as well. It amazes me how quickly Audrey warms up to her uncles.

Here Audrey and Hannah are so excited to have Greg that they can't stay still.

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  1. It looks like you are even more excited to have Greg than the girls! :o) I am proud of you and Sarah for taking it on. The kids will have great memories of all these times together. I am LOVING all these pictures!!!!!