Friday, April 23, 2010


My girls hair is getting so much longer. This week my friend Kimbra braided Hannah's hair into two french braids. It was so adorable. Hannah did a wonderful job sitting still while her hair was being done. I will have to try it with Audrey sometime.
Hannah's hair. Thanks Kimbra!
View from the front.

A cute Audrey picture. Just because.

KIds and the piano

This is a cute video from a few weeks ago. The kids went upstairs and were playing some music for me on the piano. It was so fun, I decided to pick up the camera. I love that Audrey is playing with one of her pretty necklaces as well as playing the piano. I love Isaac's eyebrows as he plays. Also, see if you can spot Hannah's cheese face in the middle.

Enjoy some original music!