Saturday, July 10, 2010

Keeping Kids Safe at the Condo

Every time we visit the condo in Fraser, we think of the best way to keep the kids safe. The scariest part of the condo is the staircase and banister in the loft. The posts are about 10 inches apart from each other. Before we arrived at the condo cousins Mark and Debra used $14 in rope to create an elaborate safety system. They also draped a blanket over the top rails. This system worked pretty well. We still had most of the kids try to go through the ropes. We had a couple of scares, but this seemed to work well considering we had 6 very curious kids at the condo.
The kids enjoyed wrapping extra laces around the ropes.
Here is a better view of the whole contraption. Mark did a really good job with the knots.

Anna and Beth explore the ropes when we first arrive at the condo.

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