Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bison at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge

Once we returned to Colorado we were able to be a part of a bison viewing bus tour at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal. We heard a history of the wild American bison before heading out on our tour. The kids loved riding on the bus and looking through the binoculars. We saw quite a bit of wildlife, but the highlight for us was seeing Max and Deidre again after our long trip.
Max, Isaac, and Audrey sitting on the bus.
Deidre holding Hannah. Hannah could not get enough of her DeeDee.
The bison herd. We were able to see much better with our binoculars, but my camera does not zoom that far very clearly.
The view of downtown from the refuge.
The bird flying over this lake was a blue heron.

Another lake (after Lake Erie these lakes looked like ponds to us) on the refuge.

Random Dayton pics

Here are a few random pictures of our time in Dayton. I didn't take very many pictures here because I ran out of space on my camera. These were too cute to pass up.
At the end of a long, hot day we cooled off with some ice cream at Aunt Janellie's house. Here is the mess Audrey made with hers.
When all of the other cousins were busy playing, Audrey collected all of the necklaces so she could wear them.

Katie and Isaac enjoyed sitting on Papa Buzz's motorcycle.


While we were in Columbus we were able to visit COSI. Pookie brought Ben and Katie with her so we could see them. We only scratched the surface of the many different exhibits. The kids loved seeing their cousins and playing with so many new things.
Aunt Kimberly with Audrey.
Grandma Pookie, Hannah, Audrey, Isaac, and Katie.
Audrey and Hannah loved this. They could have played with this the entire time we were at the museum.
Hannah was using these controls to make different kinds of sounds.
Isaac was building a house.
Grandma Pookie, Ben, and Audrey play with electricity. Katie turns on the light switches.
Audrey shooting water.

Isaac was really good at aiming the water.

Lake Erie

This was the first time we have been able to show our children Lake Erie. They loved how big it was. Audrey and Hannah really loved swimming and Isaac loved looking for cool rocks.
Lake Erie at sunset from a hill.
Aunt Jennifer holds Isaac.
Beach by the park.
Isaac looking for the best rocks and shells.
This picture is grainy, but I love how it shows Audrey's and Hannah's excitement in swimming in the lake.
Geneva beach.
Janelle is holding Audrey and Jennifer is holding Hannah.

Isaac was so excited to see the beach and get a chance to go swimming.

Isaac meets a cousin

Greg's cousin Amy brought her son Aaron over so he could play with Isaac. It was so fun to see them playing together. They were friends right away.
Isaac says he was hiding things for Aaron to find here.

Playing bank and fast food at the same time.

Back Yard at Grandma's and Grandpa's house

On our trip to Ohio, we started at Greg's parent's house and the kids loved the back yard. The weather was great most of the time we were there so all three kids were able to play outside every day. I don't think they could have imagined a more fun outdoor play space. They were able to swim, jump, dig, climb, and go for rides in the golf carts!
I love Hannah's face as she is told she has to get out of the swimming pool.
This was when she was first in the swimming pool.
Hannah on the tire swing.
Isaac swinging.
Audrey's turn on the swing.
Hannah and Isaac digging in the sand box.
Audrey loved jumping on the trampoline. She fell down a lot!
Cousin Aaron and Isaac on the trampoline.

Audrey was mowing the lawn. Audrey's and Hannah's hair was so big in the humidity.

National Night Out

In August on National Night Out, our neighborhood had a cookout and the police and firemen came to eat with us and answer any questions we had. It was so fun to have the firetruck parked right in front of our house. One of the firefighters climbed the ladder that was fully extended. Our kids loved climbing in the police car. I learned I need to keep a closer eye on Audrey since she tried to steal the change from the center console of the police cruiser.
Greg and the kids watching the ladder extend.

The fireman at the top of the ladder.