Friday, November 14, 2008

Sitting Up

It is hard for me to believe how much Audrey and Hannah have grown. They definitely aren't infants anymore.

Audrey and Hannah are sitting up.

Doesn't Audrey really look like Isaac in this picture? Spooky!

Planting Playdate

We invited a lot of Isaac's friends over this week to plant Amaryllis bulbs for Christmas. In order to keep the clothes clean, we just decided that we would take them completely off of each of the kids. It was messy, but everyone really loved planting their bulbs and taking their plant home. I am really thankful for playdates and the break they give to our routine.

Everyone planting their bulbs.

This is obviously the before picture!

Jumping in leaves

I had the brilliant idea to have Isaac jump in the fall leaves. He didn't quite know what to do with it so he just kind of sat in the middle. After we had them completely cleaned up, I showed Isaac some pictures of Seth and Gavin playing in their leaves from Beccy's blog. That is when Isaac decided he wanted the leaves back so he could play. Evidently, peer pressure can still work when hundreds of miles apart!

Isaac sits in the leaves.

Audrey and Hannah join Isaac in the leaves for a picture.

Some cute pics of Isaac and Hannah

Here are a couple of cute pictures from the past few weeks.

Hannah is wearing her leopard outfit.

Isaac was hamming for the camera.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween night and other cute pictures of our kids

Trick-or-treat night. Isaac rode in the wagon with the neighbors Chloe and Miles.

Isaac dressed up in the swim trunks all by himself. The perfect fall outfit for a two year old.

Daddy couldn't help himself and had to put the cheese head on Audrey.

All the best salespeople have cute kids!

Greg started a tradition last year of taking our kids to visit his CPA's on Halloween. This year we took all three kids and of course, they were gushed over. Everyone wanted to see the girls in person and they loved Isaac as a giraffe. (We had trouble keeping the hood on Isaac.) Here are pictures of the kids from their two favorite stops. Pete and Jim played with the kids and gave Isaac all of the candy he could want. Karen has a horse farm and we loved seeing her horses and the beautiful carriages. (One carriage was a white one with red velvet seats that they rent out for weddings. It made me contemplate renewing our vows just to be able to ride in it.)

Pete with Audrey, Hannah, and Isaac.

Audrey, Hannah, and Isaac pose with Pete and Jim.

Karen holding Hannah. Daddy is holding Audrey.

Daddy, Isaac, and Audrey are looking at the oldest horses. One of these horses sneezed, so Isaac was keeping an eye on them.

Here Isaac is posing in front of the baby Arabian horses. Even the babies are huge.