Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Random Pictures

These are a few pictures that I haven't ever posted, but they are really cute. Some of them are kind of old.
Here is Gavin, Isaac, and Seth. This was actually taken within minutes of our arrival in Omaha in May. The boys started playing right away and Seth informed me that I needed to get my camera to record this cuteness. You sure can tell his Mommy keeps up her blog better than I do when he is telling me I need to run and get my camera when they are playing.
This is just a cute picture of Hannah. She wanted to pose for the camera after a nap one day.
When we were in Omaha, Uncle Andrew took my kids to Burger King for their first time ever. They all thought it was so much fun. The girls liked wearing the crowns, but Audrey had to take hers off. For some reason she found it hard to eat her food while wearing her crown.

When we did Hannah's hair this week, she asked to wear a headband as well. She wore it all day and she wore one all day today. She is starting to like having her hair done. I know she will love going to Ohio this summer and having aunts to make her hair really pretty.

Monday, June 21, 2010

New Big Girl Beds

The girls have gotten too big to stay in their cribs, so we put them in twin beds a few months ago. It was so exciting to find some affordable quilts that matched the room so we didn't have to repaint anything. Below are some pictures of their big girl bedroom.
This is the view from the hallway door.
Many people never have noticed that when my friends decorated the room originally, that they put these stickers on the fan for the girls to see when they are laying down.
Here is another view of both beds.
This is Audrey's bed. This quilt has squares and rectangles.

Here is Hannah's bed. The fabric on her quilt is the same as Audrey's fabric, but Hannah's is pieced in stripes.

I think I will need to put a few more things on the walls, but the room looks great. I hope this is decor the girls can grow up with.

Great Grandma dresses

Last Christmas, the girls were given these dresses from Greg's Grandma. They had been picked out before she passed away last fall. The dresses are light yellow seersucker and are so light and comfortable for the girls to wear. They are pretty big and the girls should fit into them next summer as well. The dresses match, but the purses they came in were different colors. The girls are holding the purses that each dress came in. They love to wear these.
Audrey and Hannah wearing the dresses and holding their purses.
Isaac took this picture of the girls and me. Audrey is holding the blue purse.

This picture of Audrey was so cute, I had to include it too.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Best of Friends

Prepare to be bombarded by tons of photos. This past week Jaime and Jackson were in town visiting. We decided to celebrate by going to get our portraits taken. It was so much fun. (for everyone but Audrey who was grumpy in front of the camera) When we first started getting the pictures taken Max had said that he would not smile because he was going to be the "bad guy." The photographer asked the boys to yell "boo" to scare her. She was so scared she jumped. The boys thought this was hilarious and Jaime, Deidre and I thought it was a brilliant way to make the kids smile.
Jackson, Isaac, and Max laughing after they scared the photographer.
These looks are so classic. We have seen these smiles together many times.
I love this one of Max.
Here is Jackson's sweet smile.
Isn't Isaac cute?
Hannah loved getting her picture taken. We were trying to distract Audrey from putting her fingers in her mouth with the flower. It didn't help us get better pictures, though.
This is probably the best Audrey picture of the whole shoot.
Here is cute Hannah. She loved having her picture taken.
A picture with Jaime, Deidre and me. We had noticed that there weren't any pictures of the three of us even after we had spent so much time together. Our cameras were always focused on the kids.
Here is the whole gang.
Best buds.
Audrey and Hannah with their Aunt Jaime. They have missed her so much. When they first saw Jaime this week, they couldn't stay out of her arms for long!
My girls.

I feel so blessed to have wonderful friends like Jaime and Diedre. I also don't know how I would have survived that first year with twins without them... in fact, I am pretty sure I wouldn't have been able to do it.

New Back Yard

We have been so excited about having a back yard we could use this year. Our kids love eating and playing outside. I love having the opportunity to let the kids enjoy being outdoors, but having them gated from any of the streets. I will be adding more pictures soon of the back yard with the cool new furniture we have purchased.
Kids first back yard picnic. All three of them thought it was amazing to be allowed to eat outside.
The amazing garden boxes that Greg and Isaac built together. This is prior to the hail storm. We had to cut down the rhubarb because it was completely damaged. Now we are waiting to see how long it takes to grow back that big.

Greg's new grill. He loves it and we all love the food that is cooked on it. It fits so perfectly in this space on the patio... almost as if we had designed it that way.