Monday, June 21, 2010

New Big Girl Beds

The girls have gotten too big to stay in their cribs, so we put them in twin beds a few months ago. It was so exciting to find some affordable quilts that matched the room so we didn't have to repaint anything. Below are some pictures of their big girl bedroom.
This is the view from the hallway door.
Many people never have noticed that when my friends decorated the room originally, that they put these stickers on the fan for the girls to see when they are laying down.
Here is another view of both beds.
This is Audrey's bed. This quilt has squares and rectangles.

Here is Hannah's bed. The fabric on her quilt is the same as Audrey's fabric, but Hannah's is pieced in stripes.

I think I will need to put a few more things on the walls, but the room looks great. I hope this is decor the girls can grow up with.

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