Sunday, June 6, 2010

New Back Yard

We have been so excited about having a back yard we could use this year. Our kids love eating and playing outside. I love having the opportunity to let the kids enjoy being outdoors, but having them gated from any of the streets. I will be adding more pictures soon of the back yard with the cool new furniture we have purchased.
Kids first back yard picnic. All three of them thought it was amazing to be allowed to eat outside.
The amazing garden boxes that Greg and Isaac built together. This is prior to the hail storm. We had to cut down the rhubarb because it was completely damaged. Now we are waiting to see how long it takes to grow back that big.

Greg's new grill. He loves it and we all love the food that is cooked on it. It fits so perfectly in this space on the patio... almost as if we had designed it that way.

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