Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hiking at Mount Falcon

Greg's brother David came to visit us and we all had a lot of fun while he was here. The kids and I went hiking with David in the foothills on Mount Falcon. It was a really beautiful. We had wonderful views of the mountains and the plains. Also, there are the ruins of a castle that burned to the ground almost one hundred years ago. Parts of the trail were a little steep for pushing a stroller with three kids in it. However, the kids loved the whole trip and really enjoyed climbing on the rocks. We started with a picnic and ended with the hike. We really loved the park.
The kids started their hike right after the picnic. Isaac even found a walking stick that he kept for the entire hike.
Here is part of the ruins. We let the kids roam free around the ruins for a while. Here, David and Isaac are looking at the walls.
Isaac, Hannah, and Audrey loved climbing on this rock. The view was beautiful from here.

Here is a picture of the girls climbing the rock. As you can see, they both fell on their bottoms quite a lot. It was funny seeing Hannah try to get up on the ground without getting her hands in the dirt. She really preferred the rock to the dirt. Audrey really loved getting dirty and was picking up handfuls of dirt to give to me. It is so fun to see what all of my kids enjoy together as well as to see how different each of them are.

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