Monday, September 28, 2009

Cousin Comedy Club

Last week Rachel and Beccy both came to visit with their kids. The kids really had us laughing much of the time. Here are a few of our favorite stories.

Beccy and I took our children to a bounce house place while Rachel stayed at home last Tuesday. The kids were very tired by the time we arrived home for lunch. Audrey and Hannah had fallen asleep in the car. Seth got out of the car and Beccy asked him to go inside and wait with Aunt Rachel while we got the other kids out of the car and inside the house. Then we unbuckled Isaac and Gavin and also told them to go inside. While we were pulling out the sleeping girls from the car the garage door started to go down and then back up again. When we headed into the house we found all three boys standing on the steps in the garage with the door to the house closed. Beccy asked Seth why he didn't obey her and go inside to stay with Aunt Rachel. Seth explained, "Aunt Rachel isn't home. I rang the doorbell, but she didn't answer the door!"

Greg recently bought a used car that had the engine die after a week and a half. While the kids were playing the other day, Isaac decided to "go to work." When he came back into the room, I asked him if he was home from work. Isaac said "Yes, but my Stinkin' car blew up!" in his most grumpy tone of voice.

Grandma Pookie took the Hoffs down to Garden of the Gods last week and ended up driving behind a red BMW sports car that was going significantly below the speed limit. Grandma Pookie says to the car "You are a sports car, you are supposed to want to go fast!" Later when they were leaving the Garden of the Gods they were following a red car and Rachel hears Ben in the back seat say, "You are a sports car, you are supposed to want to go fast!"

It was really entertaining to have all seven cousins together last week and we will miss them greatly.

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