Monday, September 7, 2009

Favorite pictures from the summer

This has been a busy summer and I have been terrible about posting pictures to this blog. We had a lot of fun having so much of our family come to visit. Here are a few of my favorite pictures we took this summer.
Isaac was able to fly this remote control airplane with the help of this pilot and co-pilot. He really loved being able to move the controller.
One of the men at the miniature airplane show let Isaac borrow his aviator hat for this photo.
Isaac drives a helicopter at the county fair.
Audrey, Isaac, and Hannah goof around on the couch.
Anna, Hannah, and Audrey all coordinate!
Beth, Isaac, and Leah are all ready to go to the library.
Audrey, Isaac, and Hannah are ready to swim.

Audrey and Isaac at the condo.

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