Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The results are in!!!

According to the DNA report the percentage probability of Monozygosity is 99.9999980551%. For those of you that do not remember high school science class. That means that Audrey and Hannah are identical twins. It looks like the majority was correct in our survey. Now that we know this, we are so thankful that Audrey and Hannah split early so that each could have their own sac and placenta. They were able to have a much healthier time in the womb since they didn't have to share the placenta. We are also glad to know so that we can answer all of those questions we get while we are out of the house with the girls.


  1. So they look just alike for a reason! Cool!

    We love you all.

  2. Either way they're cute girls and we love them a bunch. hugs, grandma