Monday, October 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Aunt Janelle!

Today is Aunt Janelle's birthday. We celebrated by first going to Casa Bonita's for lunch. It was pretty fun, but they turned most of the kids area into a haunted house. This evening we ate lasagna and had some angel food cake. I wonder if angel food cake is always the favorite of people born in October. I seem to remember growing up eating angel food every October. I find it very interesting. Mostly we had a good day, but Isaac started getting a nasty cough this evening. Poor Janelle had to help me nurse Isaac on her time off. We hope he gets better soon.

Isaac sitting at the table at Casa Bonita.

Aunt Janelle helps Isaac eat a sopapilla.

Isaac tries on his Halloween costume. Greg is sure to get quite a few sales from this outfit!

What a way to end your birthday. Aunt Janelle snuggles a sleeping Hannah.

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