Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just for Great Grandma

Obviously, dinner took a little too long tonight in Hannah's opinion. My kids look wonderfully tragic when they are upset with us. Here is a photo to prove it!

So here is a funny story: I was shopping with Isaac on Saturday to pick out a birthday present for his friend Jackson. Isaac did not like the direction I was driving the cart so he said "Stop it You Stupid Man!" (I'm not sure where he heard that, but I wish I had a son that didn't repeat everything he has ever overheard.) Since a time out was not possible, I decided that Isaac and I needed a conversation about saying nice things to people instead of mean things to people. (I let the man/woman thing drop for the moment.) After our conversation, I told him that he had to say something nice to Mommy. His response? "Go, Packers, Go!" Conversation over.


  1. Grandma's going to love it.

  2. Great picture, bet she's got great vocal chords and good range.


  3. Kids say the darndest things!

  4. Issac is so Greg's son.