Monday, September 26, 2011

Progress on Maggie's quilt

While Greg was gone I was able to sew quite a bit since I had most of the evenings alone after the kids were in bed.  After the third evening, I had completed the purple blocks and was already pinning the small yellow squares together.  Everything was going along really well until Thursday afternoon.  I was halfway done with the yellow blocks and Greg was back in the country and would be home within hours.  Then, Greg called letting me know that his flight home was cancelled.  Right after that call, I discovered that I had pressed my first seams the wrong way.  Greg ended up helping me rip the seams this weekend and I finally have the seams pressed the right direction and re-pinned.  I always knew that I needed to measure twice and cut once.  Now I know that I need to check my seams twice in order to only press once.  My plan is to finish the yellow blocks this week and be able to start figuring out the layout of the quilt top.
A sample of the finished purple blocks set around one of the blue setting blocks.

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