Friday, December 12, 2008

Bed Time

Our kids have been sick most of the week, so it was no surprise to us that Hannah was ready to go to bed early last night. Greg and I discussed it and we decided that since Audrey still seemed like she was ready to play that we would let her stay up for a little longer than her sister until she was tired. Greg wrapped Hannah up in her blanket and let all of us say goodnight to her. As Greg took Hannah up the stairs to bed, Audrey started screaming. Hannah started screaming once she was put down in her crib which is not her usual reaction. So Greg wrapped up Audrey and took her to bed as well. Audrey stopped screaming as soon as she was wrapped up and Hannah stopped screaming once Audrey was in her bed. We were really shocked, but now we know that Audrey and Hannah cannot be taken to bed at different times. We had no idea that bedtime was such a big thing for them to do together. I guess it is just one more thing Greg and I have had to learn about having twins.

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