Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

This ea was a lot of fun. On Friday night we went to our neighborhood party. There was a lot of good food to eat. The older kids carved pumpkins, but there was painting for our younger ones. Audrey and Hannah really enjoyed the painting because it isn't very often that they get to play with things that messy. Isaac also enjoyed painting, but we didn't take a picture of that. In these pictures Hannah is a penguin, Audrey is a bear, and Isaac is a cow. On Saturday night, Greg switched the girls outfits and the neighbors did not think that was very nice of him. We took the girls out on Saturday for their first Trick or Treating. They just loved it. A few times, they tried to run away and I was very glad I had the neighbors around to help keep track of them. Audrey and Hannah did not understand why they were not allowed to go inside any of the homes. Isaac also enjoyed trick or treating, but he wouldn't go to any doors on a street with a scary house. Overall, it was a wonderful weekend.
Audrey paints her pumpkin.
Hannah gets a chance to paint her pumpkin.

Daddy poses with a penguin, cow, and a bear.

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