Monday, April 20, 2009


When Hannah and Audrey were first born it was pretty easy to mix them up which made us feel terrible.  However, when people asked us how to tell them apart we were very quick to list off all of the tricks that we used to tell who was whom.  Lately, we have been feeling that Audrey and Hannah look much more distinct and we haven't mixed them up unless we saw them from behind or haven't really taken the time to really look at them.  So we were shocked this weekend when we were asked how to tell them apart.  The birthmarks have faded, weight has evened out and hair is closer in length.  Suddenly we have realized that we no longer use tricks to tell them apart.  Hannah looks like Hannah and Audrey looks like Audrey.  It is much easier for people who spend a lot of time with the girls to know who is whom, but it is increasingly difficult to tell others how to do the same.  How do you explain personality and expressions?  Now I am starting to wonder if the girls look more different from one another than they used to or if we just know them more.

On a related note, we recently had to purchase a new computer and it includes software that is supposed to recognize faces in photographs.  I love to use the function because it makes me laugh as it asks me if Audrey is Hannah, Isaac is Audrey, Hannah is Gavin, or Seth is Isaac.  We may have the most confused computer on the planet.  Evidently, our children and their cousins look exactly alike!


  1. You know your girls better. I still struggle to tell them apart when they aren't next to each other to compare them. They do have lots of personality now, though! :o)! Love you guys.

  2. I agree with Beccy. I would fail the test every time unless it was a lucky guess! However, I don't think that the cousins look EXACTLY like your kids. Your computer is a bit confused! By the way, if you have the same computer I do, how do you use that nifty function??!! It would help me immensely when I print out pictures for scrapbooks.