Thursday, February 12, 2009


So much has happened and it has been hard to get online. Here is a quick update on our family.

We have two new roommates, Desi and Kailey. They are really great and we hope our home is a wonderful place for them to live.

Isaac is starting to recognize more letters and continues to keep all of us laughing. He is a great big brother to Audrey and Hannah.

Audrey is getting more teeth and has started to wave at people. She is very fast at crawling and pulling herself up on furniture. She loves exploring her world. She adores her father and brother and seems to love watching the world.

Hannah also is getting more teeth and says Hi sometimes when she waves at people. She also claps her hands and will put her hands out to try to catch a football. We had a video of this, but we couldn't download it. Hannah loves to laugh when she hears other people laughing and she loves to dance when she hears music.

Our kids are getting so big. We are really enjoying them so much right now.

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  1. Great updates and photos of the children, keep it up! I know you are very, very busy.